An easy-to-navigate Website with Links in a Logical Sequence

Products for all kinds of applications in the most diverse sectors.
The range of application sectors goes from automotive to apparel, interior design, contract and residential flooring, industrial and the most highly technical applications.

The site has 6 main sections on the home page ‘ CORPORATE, PRODUCTS, MARKETS, NEWS, EVENTS and WORLDWIDE ‘ from which the user can gain access to the RadiciGroup ‘Fibres World’.
An easy-to-navigate website with links in a logical sequence. Detailed information on the Radici Group Fibers Area profile, history and values. And pages dedicated to detailed presentations of products, brands, markets, and companies.
Particularly noteworthy are the pages dedicated to the vast range of PRODUCTS that RadiciGroup Fibres has to offer: PA 6 yarn and, the new Radici Group website dedicated to Fibers, a business that the Group has carried on for over fifty years, accumulating its widely recognized know-how.
All this and more can be found at www.
PA 66 yarn (Radilon – RadiciNylon); polyester yarn and microfibre (Radyarn – Micrell – Starlight – Nanofeel – Microvacuum ‘ Supermicrell ‘ Kristall); flame retardant polyester yarn and microfibre (Radyarn FR – Micrell FR); PBT yarn (Radyarn – Starlight); PES/PA (Micralon), PES/PP (Skin-Core) and PES/PES (Sunshield) two-component yarn; PA 6, PA 66 and PP BCF yarn (Radifloor); PA 66 high-tenacity yarn (Raditeck – Raditeck Dyna); acrylic yarn and top (Crylor) and elastane fibre (RadiciSpandex).
With sixteen production and sales units in Europe, Asia and North and South America, the RadiciGroup Fibres business area achieved total 2007 sales of over EUR 590 million.
From the detailed profile in the CORPORATE section, the user can switch to NEWS, containing the most up-to-date Polyester dope dyed fiber reports, or EVENTS, with information on the fairs the Group is participating in, or, finally, to WORLDWIDE, where the user will find information on how to contact RadiciGroup Fibres production and sales units all over the world. From MARKETS, the user can call up information concerning the specific application sectors of the various Fibres products.
State-of-the-art plants, advanced production technologies and complete production process control all contribute to the manufacture of yarns of the highest quality.radicigroup.

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