Limos may be familiar to you and others may not

5. Corvette Limousine

We snuck this one in here because, though a little strange, it is a striking machine that is definitely hot. Vet owners love it, other opinions were across the board, but its a sweet car nevertheless. Normally tricked out with every accessory imaginable, it is a favorite with limo renters and buyers. Infiniti QX56 Limo

This is a sweet stretched Infiniti QX56 SUV limo. Party Bus

The party bus is a special type of limo and we’ve included here because it is one of the coolest limos.

10. Definitely a hot ride that deserves a solid spot on the top ten hottest limos in the world list. 2006 Chrysler 300 Limo

This is 140 inches of luxurious interior and sleek, modern exterior.

6. Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo

Another contender for “most popular” limo, the Lincoln Navigator stretch limo is the ultimate in urban luxury. If you have a special favorite you’d like to share with readers, please post a comment below and let us know. Like any limo, even regular production limos, the interiors are often customized. They were chosen with attention to popularity amongst users and their aesthetic appeal on a general level. Usually decked out with every accessory imaginable, from custom floors to bars and modern lighting and design, they are an easy, laid back model that deserves at least a peek. Third Generation Mazda RX-7 Limo

A more exotic limo, this one is super cool and speaks to the car connoisseur and luxury lover in all of us. The exterior is clean and modern, though a little boxy. They are one of the most popular limos requested in the US, and you can see why. It is a super sweet stretch limo that epitomizes luxury and class and is worth looking at. Cadillac Escalade Limo

Depending on how stretched it is, these cool cars can hold over 17 people easily and usually sport all the bells and whistles: full bars, leather seats, fiber optic lighting, LCD TV’s, DVD players and surround sound. Equipped with a twin-turbo rotary engine, power side door and much much more. Most have fully customized interiors that have everything from wet bars to big screen TV’s, special lighting systems, leather seats and much, much more. Ford Excursion Limo

The Ford Excursion limo is, like the Hummer, Infiniti and Navigator, a stretched SUV limo that bears similarities to the navigator.

8. Keep in mind that these are all production models and that there are some very awesome custom limos that abound; this “hotness list” mostly applies to stock models that have been stretched.

7. Fully equipped and usually customized, it is a rare beauty that is a must-see if you have the chance. The interior is usually amazing with mostly leather upholstery, several bars, a big screen TV or two, fiber optic lighting system and much more.

Keep in mind Anti-bacterial polyester yarns that even though these limos have similar stats, they actually differ greatly design-wise on the inside according to the particular limo company or coach builders preference. Hummer 2 Stretch Limo

The Hummer 2 stretch limo has it all: power, strength and ultimate luxury. Full bar, leather seats, spacious interior, LCD big screen TV, seating for at least ten people; this limo usually comes with the works and is one of the most in-demand limo rentals on the market.

9. It offers 20-22 passenger seating, wet-bar, DVD player, big screen TV, fiber optic lighting and mirrors, surround sound and much more.

4. Some of these sweet limos even come decked with dance floors. They offer all the amenities and then some.

3. Cadillac DTS Limo

Yes, this is like the one that drives the president.

Some of these limos may be familiar to you and others may not; they are listed in no particular order, but the top two are some of the snazziest we’ve seen:

1.Here is a list of some of what we consider to be the world’s hottest limos.

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