The residue from the smoke has not been flushed from system

They are all self explanatory and should prove to be a tremendous asset in assisting you to give up your habit. Take a quick break, it will pass.

Coughing may actually increase during the first few days, simply because the residue from the smoke has not been flushed from your system. Rest and take deep breaths, it will go away. On a daily basis, chart each cigarette that you smoke during the day. Be ready for this, take a break or do something physical for a short period of time. Take any usual remedy for headache, a cold cloth on the back of your neck, or relieve the stress by taking a short walk. Try to relax. Try to stay away from drinks that have a high caffeine content, try not to exercise too strenuously in the hours prior to bedtime. Enter the time, place, and with whom you smoked, the reason for smoking, whether it will be easy or difficult to give that one up, and the weapon that you will use to fight the urge to smoke that one.

The following pages will give you an example form to chart your progress as you begin to give up cigarettes.

If this occurs, eat foods with a high fiber content, drink plenty of fluids, and do some light exercise.

Headaches may appear at any time during the first weeks.

Concentration may tend to wander during the first few weeks. A hot bath prior to retiring at night may also be helpful.

Tiredness may occur during the first few weeks, but if you meditate or relax during the first few weeks, it will pass. Tightness in the chest may occur in the first few Polyester DTY days. Constipation may occur in the first month after you quit.Dizziness may occur during the first one or two days.

Sleeping problems may occur in the first few days.

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